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Deep-Sea Mining Industry Leader Joins Impossible Metals as Chief Revenue Officer

Deep-Sea Mining Industry Leader Joins Impossible Metals as Chief Revenue Officer

Impossible Metals announced the appointment of Peter Jantzen as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO).

Peter founded the deep-sea mining company Blue Minerals, which received sponsorship from Jamaica and successfully applied for and received an exploration permit from the International Seabed Authority in 2021.

“I was instantly attracted to Impossible Metals’ advanced technology, which leverages AI to selectively harvest polymetallic nodules, preserving the marine habitat,” said Peter Jantzen. “Combined with unique buoyancy technology to avoid touching down on the seabed, this solution provides the next generation of harvesting equipment for deep sea minerals.

“Peter’s efforts and achievements in founding and developing the deep seabed mining company Blue Minerals Jamaica Ltd. have provided Jamaica with the potential for a new long-term sustainable industry,” added Jamaica’s Permanent Representative to the International Seabed Authority, Ambassador Angela Comfort. “Peter was instrumental in developing the relationship between Jamaica and Blue Minerals Jamaica Ltd. in the pursuit of Jamaica’s deep seabed mining opportunity. He was a pleasure to work with, and we thank him for his energy, drive, and efficiency in advancing our perspectives as a sponsoring state.”

Impossible Metals also announces the publication of its 2023 ESG Annual Report, which can be downloaded here.


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