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DeepOcean Charters Battery-powered Subsea Vessel

DeepOcean Charters Battery-powered Subsea Vessel
Image credit: DeepOcean

Ocean services provider DeepOcean has entered into a two-year time charter agreement with options for further extensions with Volstad Maritime for the M/S Volantis subsea construction vessel.

As part of the fixture to DeepOcean, the vessel will be upgraded with battery power notation before commencing the contract in the first quarter of 2023. The time charter will run until the end of 2024, with options for further extensions.

“DeepOcean has set a target to achieve a 45 percent reduction in CO2 emissions before 2030. By 2040 we aim to be carbon neutral. Chartering vessels from vessel owners who share the same environmental commitment is key to this strategy,” says Øyvind Mikaelsen, CEO of DeepOcean.

DeepOcean is a world-leading ocean services provider, enabling energy transition and sustainable use of ocean resources. The company delivers subsea services within oil and gas, removal and recycling of subsea infrastructure, offshore renewables, mining of marine minerals, and to other ocean-based industries.

“We are very familiar with the Volantis. It is a flexible vessel that allows us to serve operators of oil and gas fields as well as offshore wind farms in a highly efficient manner. We also have the unique ability to provide a great range of high technology jet trenching solutions. Including the UT-1, considered the most powerful jetting trencher in the market ,allowing for precise and highly flexible operations in varied environmental conditions, supported by a fleet of state-of-the-art vessels such as Volantis. “adds Øyvind Mikaelsen.

The Volantis is a dynamically positioned multi-role subsea construction vessel, which incorporates a 150te active heave compensated subsea crane. The 107-meter long vessel is permanently mobilized, in addition to the powerful UT-1 trencher, with two high sea state work class ROVs as well as an observation ROV. In recent years the Volantis subsea construction vessel has operated in the US Gulf of Mexico and will continue to be utilized globally.

“In line with our long- term strategy towards zero emissions, we will be installing batteries on the vessel to reduce consumption and emissions. Volstad Maritime were one of the first offshore owners to achieve the ISO 50001 accreditation for Energy Management Standard. The installation of batteries on Volantis will take these efforts further forward and make the vessel even more attractive,” says Eirik Syversen, Chief Commercial Officer at Volstad Marine.

Volstad Maritime is a Norwegian shipowner headquartered in Aalesund, Norway.


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