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Impossible Metals Welcomes Frank Fannon to Its Strategic Advisory Board

Impossible Metals Welcomes Frank Fannon to Its Strategic Advisory Board

Impossible Metals announced that former US Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources Hon. Francis (Frank) Fannon joins the company as a strategic advisor, where he will apply his deep expertise from both the public and private sectors in geopolitics, the clean energy transition, and market transformation.

Frank was unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate to serve as the inaugural Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources in May 2018, a position he held until January 2021. As “America’s Energy Diplomat,” he led global whole-of-government initiatives championing responsible development, transparent, open markets, and resilient supply chains for clean energy minerals.

“The United States and other free nations recognize the need to develop new, secure, and responsible critical minerals supply chains while safeguarding the environment. Impossible Metals is answering that call. Through their innovative selective harvesting technology, Impossible Metals has the potential to unlock the world’s largest source of Nickel, Cobalt, and other energy transition minerals while preserving the marine environment,” said Hon Frank Fannon.

“Frank’s in-depth global expertise and leadership have shaped the clean energy transition on the world’s stage. By joining our advisory board, Frank will help grow the awareness of deep sea minerals and how selectively harvesting will avoid serious harm to the marine environment.,” said Oliver Gunasekara, CEO and Co-founder of Impossible Metals. “I’m looking forward to working with Frank to transform the world to a low-carbon economy.”


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