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Dates of 26th Session of International Seabed Authority Council and Assembly Announced

Following communications held with the President of the Assembly and the President of the Council of the International Seabed Authority (ISA) for the 26th session, the Secretariat of ISA informed on Friday 17 September all Members and observers of ISA of the new schedule for the meetings of the twenty-sixth session of the Council and the Assembly.

The meetings will take place in person at the Jamaica Conference Center in Kingston as follows:

  • Meetings of the ISA Council (Part II): 6-10 December 2021;
  • Meetings of the ISA Assembly: 13-15 December 2021.

Considering the current limitations on the size of physical gatherings recommended by the Ministry of Health and Wellness of Jamaica to curve the spread of COVID-19, ISA Members’ delegations will be limited to two representatives and delegations of observers to ISA will be limited to one representative.

Media accreditations will not be issued for the meetings of the 26th session. Media resources will be posted on the ISA website daily and virtual press briefings will be held as necessary. The schedule of press briefings will be announced in due course.

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